Buying Process & Tips

Understanding the Process of Buying a Home is helpful to avoid overwhelm and having a bad experience. Hiring the right buyer agent is key as well to making sure you find the right home, are protected, and follow a process that is the correct process.

Why chance one of the biggest investments and most important things of our lives -> Our Homes

Real estate agents and brokers are hired by home buyers to represent them in one of their most important life transactions, decisions and investments. Most often the buyer agent commission is covered by the seller of the home. In most all home purchase/sale transactions, home buyers to negotiate with the other side to help reach an agreement.

The risk is too high that clients will hire a part-time, untrained, unethical and/or incompetent agent is scary. Along with hiring the right buyer agent to represent you, your understanding of some key elements helps make your buying experience less overwhelming and more exceptional. And all too often decisions of whom they hire is not made on the agent's experience.

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